SurgiQuest, which develops, manufactures, and markets access technology for minimally invasive surgery, has received FDA 510(k) clearance to market new line of advanced 5mm AnchorPort Trocars indicated for use as a Single Incision Laparoscopy Kit (SILK).

SurgiQuest has provided Trocar with an integrated elastomeric, stretchable cannula system that goes in elongated and self adjusts to accommodate the patient’ abdominal wall thickness. Because the elastomeric cannulas have a softer outer skin it is gentler on tissue thereby minimising tissue trauma.

SurgiQuest said that the AnchorPort SIL Kit is the Single Incision Laparoscopy system that offers bladeless, optical entry to provide the surgeon direct visualisation of all tissue layers during abdominal entry for enhanced patient safety. It also provide self-adjusts to patient’s abdominal wall thickness to optimise instrument maneuverability during single skin incision laparoscopic surgery.

The AnchorPort Cannula’s distal tip softly anchors in place within the abdominal cavity and does not pull out prematurely like rigid, fixed-length conventional trocars from other manufacturers. Conventional rigid and fixed length trocars protrude into the abdominal cavity which can cause crisscross hand instrument ‘sword fighting’ which severely limits operating maneuverability.

During the procedure the surgeon makes a 1 inch skin incision through which three or more tiny cannula ports are placed strategically apart to provide optimal intra-abdominal access. After the procedure the patient is left with a 1-inch belly button scar that becomes essentially invisible after healing. Additionally, AnchorPort 5mm trocars are also ideal for GYN and pediatric patients.”

Kurt Azarbarzin, founder and CEO of SurgiQuest, said: “We believe that this is breakthrough for single incision surgery. Every surgeon who has used the AnchorPort SILK device to date has told us that they prefer it because it makes the single incision procedure that much easier to perform.”