US-based medical technology company GE HealthCare has introduced CardioVisio for Atrial Fibrillation (AFib), its new digital decision support tool that enables precision patient care.

CardioVisio is designed to help clinicians visualise longitudinal data related to disease progression from multiple data sources and offers evidence-based clinical decision support.

The digital patient monitoring solution is backed by the company’s Edison Digital Health Platform, which streamlines the clinical workflows.

It combines data from multiple sources into a single screen and displays patient data in a structured longitudinal view, to help clinicians identify relevant clinical patterns.

The CardioVisio for AFib solution saves time and supports clinical decision-making by providing therapy recommendations directed by updated AFib guidelines, said the company.

With the FDA approval, GE HealthCare plans to commercially launch the CardioVisio for AFib in the US, with plans to expand the product with additional regional guidelines.

GE HealthCare cardiology solutions general manager Eigil Samset said: “Existing diagnosis and treatment care models for AFib have been shown to be complex, time-consuming and disconnected with disparate guidelines and poor guideline adherence.

“With CardioVisio for AFib, we’re providing cardiologists with a powerful tool that streamlines clinician image interpretation and provides a view of the history of the patient’s heart as well as their healthcare journey, including previous diagnoses, prescribed medications, interventions, and comorbidities.”

According to the company, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death worldwide, and AFib is the most common arrhythmia diagnosed in clinical practice.

GE HealthCare said that its CardioVisio for AFib solution is designed to identify patient-specific medical data and risk factors to improve efficiency and promote guideline adherence.

The tool replaces manual steps by automatically collecting, analysing, sorting, and displaying all clinical data, and integrating with multiple data sources on a single-screen interface.

Furthermore, the CardioVisio for AFib allows cardiac care teams to collaborate and provide consistent, personalised care to AFib patients, bridging gaps in care, said GE HealthCare.