XACT Robotics™ Ltd. announced today that its XACT ACE™ Robotic System was cleared to market in the U.S. for computed tomography (CT) guided percutaneous procedures. ACE is XACT’s second-generation proprietary robotic system, which the company intends to launch later this year with initial market focus on interventional radiologists.  XACT is the first and only company to market a hands-free robotic solution combining image-based planning and navigation with insertion and steering of various instruments to a desired target with accuracy, consistency, and efficiencies.

The ACE Robotic System was designed to treat a wide range of clinical applications as well as indications and to be compatible with multiple imaging modalities. In addition, its remote procedure capabilities will allow users to operate the system from outside the radiology procedure room to minimize staff and patient exposure and enhance safety measures.

“Following the clearance of our first robotic system last year, and the successful experience we have had to date with the medical centers using our system, we are excited to leverage our recent ACE Robotic System clearance to scale up our commercialization efforts and enable other centers to access our technology and enhance their clinical and economical outcomes,” said Chen Levin, CEO, XACT Robotics.

Source: Company Press Release