French robotics company eCential Robotics and US-based spinal implant company ChoiceSpine have entered into a long-term partnership to offer a combined, optimised solution that improves robotic spine implant surgery.

The new integrated solution would combine the navigation, robotics, and implant systems from the two companies, to benefit both spine surgeons and the patients.

Both companies started preparing for a long-term collaboration last year, and are now partnering to combine their technologies for spine robotic surgeries.

The collaboration builds on the technically advanced products and a common long-term vision of combining eCential Robotics’ platform and ChoiceSpine’s offerings.

eCential Robotics chief strategy officer Laurence Chabanas said: “By enabling eCential Robotics’ platform to navigate ChoiceSpine implants with our robotic arm, we will optimise and add value to our unified and universal solution for the benefit of surgeons and patients.

“Since our ambition is to offer a unique platform for bone surgery in the operating room and become a standard, we are open to collaborating with implant companies to combine our technologies and offer optimised navigation and robotics for the implementation proposed to the patient.

“This close cooperation with a US company provides eCential Robotics with access to complementary technologies and allows us to initiate and expand our footprint in the US market.”

Specialised in surgical robotics, eCential designs, manufactures and commercialises a unified 2D/3D robotic imaging and surgical navigation system for bone surgery indications.

Last year, the French robotics company has secured the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) approval for the 2D/3D robotic imaging technology of its unified platform.

In addition, eCential is pursuing approval for its navigation and collaborative robot (CoBot) device and has created a new subsidiary to enter the North American market.

ChoiceSpine is a spinal implant company that offers a complete hardware and orthobiologics portfolio, along with innovative and niche solutions for the spinal implant market.

The company is focused on MIS solutions, including Thunderbolt Minimally Invasive Pedicle Screw System, and the Triton 3D printed SI Joint Fixation System.

It also offers other technologies including BioBond 3D printed interbodies, a shallow docking access system for direct lateral surgery, and multiple cervical fusion options.

ChoiceSpine’s orthobiologics portfolio includes bone graft solutions, including 100% demineralised bone matrix, cortical fibres, synthetics, a cellular bone matrix, structural allograft, and allograft sponge options.

ChoiceSpine strategy and technology EVP Steve Ainsworth said: “This combination of our innovative cultures will allow us to expand our clinical value by fully encompassing the surgical experience.

“We believe the eCential Robotics platform, in conjunction with our comprehensive spinal implant and orthobiologics portfolios, will lead the way in advancing spine surgery.

“This partnership is just one example of how ChoiceSpine brings technically superior spinal devices to the market and is doing spine the right way.”