Jay Bartling, CoreLink’s CEO stated, “The commercial launch of our lateral access platform, combined with the introduction of our new 3D-printed titanium alloy and PEEK interbody lines represent our commitment to furthering minimally invasive lateral surgery. Our engineering team collaborated with incredibly talented surgeons to develop a comprehensive platform of implant, instrument, and retractor options allowing for remarkable operative efficiency.”

The F3D Lateral implant utilizes CoreLink’s proprietary Mimetic Metal technology. Mimetic Metal is a trabecular structure with interconnected 500-micron pores created using CoreLink’s state-of-the-art titanium alloy 3D printing and finishing processes. This is combined with StrutSure, a proprietary directional lattice in the body of this implant that provides an optimal balance between biomechanical performance and imaging characteristics. The CL5 Lateral implants are the latest generation of PEEK interbody fusion devices featuring large graft windows, anatomical shape, and an expansive range of sizes. The Lateral Access System includes a complete array of tissue retractor options and specialized surgical instruments for lumbar disc preparation via the lateral approach.

“After evaluating outcomes of more than 1500 patients undergoing a lateral interbody fusion procedure, I believe one of the most important aspects to rapid patient recovery is minimizing time in the psoas. CoreLink’s new lateral system facilitates seamless passage through the psoas, maximizes operative window, and minimizes tissue retraction. This, combined with best-in-class lateral disc prep instrumentation, results in a very efficient procedure with positive patient outcomes,” said Ryan DenHaese, MS, MD, FAANS.

Clint Hill, MD stated “CoreLink’s F3D Lateral cage is the only one I have used with truly unique wicking abilities, a minimized material density, and bone-mimicking trabeculae. This device fits the needs of my patients and my practice perfectly.”

CoreLink will be exhibiting at the 17th Annual Becker’s Future of Spine Conference in Chicago, Illinois June 13-15, where a full display of the Lateral Access System and the F3D interbody platform will be featured.

Source: Company Press Release