AcuityMD has inked a multi-year contract with medical device maker Dilon Technologies under which the latter has been using its platform to accelerate the availability of preventative breast cancer surgery devices to more oncologists.

The AcuityMD platform is said to be used by many sales and marketing personnel to identify target markets, surface top opportunities, and grow their business.

The US-based Dilon Technologies is engaged in manufacturing devices for the treatment and diagnosis of breast cancer.

The company has developed a technology called MarginProbe for in-surgery, real-time margin assessment breast cancer.

MarginProbe is said to have delivered a relative reduction of re-excision rates in the range of 25% to 80%.

The real-time margin assessment device has been approved specifically by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for breast surgery.

The technology can drive binary lumpectomy margin assessment in the operating room to prevent another surgery.

Using AcuityMD’s data-driven platform, the medical device maker is expected to quickly and reliably find doctors and medical facilities to support patients.

Dilon Technologies CEO George Makhoul said: “AcuityMD’s platform is a powerful targeting solution that allows us to deliver targeted solutions to physicians in order to improve their outcomes.

“It streamlines what would otherwise be a laborious process of identifying and determining how to prioritise the right surgeons with the relevant patients, with a goal of ultimately improving and potentially saving lives.”

The AcuityMD platform is designed to translate healthcare data like procedural volumes, physician training backgrounds, employed technologies, shifts where surgeons operate, and peer networks, into intuitive workflows and suggestions that match the medical technology sector’s commercial process.

AcuityMD CEO and co-founder Mike Monovoukas said: “We are honoured to partner with Dilon Technologies to help advance the use of MarginProbe to help prevent re-excisions after lumpectomy surgery.

“MedTech companies spend as much as 40% of revenues on sales efforts. AcuityMD force-multiplies this investment through our industry-specific data platform and intuitive workflows.

“Our mission is to accelerate access to medical technologies. Empowering best-in-class technologies like Dilon’s MarginProbe is core to advancing our mission.”