US-based medical technology company Cellmyx has received the Health Canada Medical Device License (MDL) approval for its new-generation intelliFat BOD technology.

The intelliFat BOD is an advanced medical device that leverages a patient’s own adipose tissue to support patient recovery and healing.

The advanced technology has received regulatory approval in both the US and Canada.

Cellmyx is an FDA-registered manufacturer engaged in delivering complete solutions for the harvesting, isolation, and deployment of PHSA 361-compliant tissue and cells.

Cellmyx founder and CEO Greg Miles said: “We are thrilled to have received Health Canada MDL clearance for intelliFat BOD. This technology marks a significant leap forward in medical solutions, allowing physicians to harness the body’s natural resources to enhance patient outcomes.

“We are committed to advancing the art of cosmetic surgery and regenerative medicine, and intelliFat BOD is a prime example of our dedication to that mission.”

The intelliFat BOD is designed for a range of surgical procedures, including, plastic, cosmetic, and reconstructive surgeries, orthopaedic, laparoscopic, arthroscopic, and thoracic surgeries.

The device works in line with the latest guidelines from both the FDA and Health Canada and preserves the cellular and tissue micro-architecture of adipose.

Also, it eliminates residual oil emulsion and blood and adheres to the minimally manipulated standards for Human Cell and Tissue Products.

Cellmyx said that the intelliFat BOD technology has received acclaim from physicians for its approach and potential to transform the fields of orthopaedic, plastic, and cosmetic surgery.