Incorporating the company’s iO-Flex technology, the iO-Tome device delivers a new MicroBlade Shaver design configured to rapidly and precisely remove the facet joint.

Duke University Medical Center neurosurgeon Dr Robert E Isaacs said: "The iO-Tome device has substantially decreased the time I spend performing a facetectomy in my tube-based TLIF procedures."

Baxano Surgical president and CEO Ken Reali noted after a strong limited market release over the past six months, the company is very optimistic about the launch of iO-Tome.

"Strategically iO-Tome fits well with our AxiaLIF(R) Plus, VEO(R) and iO-Flex products allowing us to deliver a differentiated and expanded portfolio of products to MIS spine surgeons," Reali added.

Baxano Surgical will showcase iO-Tome along with its other products at the upcoming spine society conferences in fall 2013, including North American Spine Society, Congress of Neurosurgeons and Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons.