BioIntelliSense has expanded its medical-grade biosensor product portfolio and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform with the introduction of the new BioButton device.

The BioButton is a coin-sized and disposable medical device, which is designed to measure continuous temperature and other vital signs for 90-days.

BioIntelliSense’s medical-grade device and HIPAA-compliant data services facilitate data capture and continuous multi-parameter monitoring of temperature, respiratory rate and heart rate at rest, body position, sleep and activity state for 90-days on a single disposable on-body sensor.

BioIntelliSense DaaS platform can be applied to a range of Covid-19 related use cases for better monitoring

The BioIntelliSense DaaS platform is suitable for use with a range of Covid-19 related use cases to monitor returning workforce and students, high-risk patient populations, patients in-hospital and in-home along with frontline healthcare professionals.

The company provides medical-grade data services, which enable early detection of adverse trends through its advanced biosensor technology and analytics at a fraction of the cost of spot temperature measurements or traditional remote patient monitoring (RPM) systems.

BioIntelliSense CEO Dr James Mault said: “The introduction of the BioButton device, in combination with the BioMobile applications and enterprise triage dashboards, represents a significant advancement in making continuous medical-grade monitoring reliable, effortless and cost-effective.

“The convenience of the BioButton will support a range of clinical use cases for RPM reimbursement and mass market use to enable safe return to work or school.”

In February, clinical trial management firm ClinOne joined forces with medical technology company BioIntelliSense to integrate the latter’s BioSticker device with its ClinTrialConnect patient portal platform.

BioIntelliSense, a continuous health monitoring and clinical intelligence company, offers medical-grade DaaS platform to capture multi-parameter vital signs, physiological biometrics and symptomatic events.

The FDA-cleared BioSticker and BioButton devices are used for remote monitoring, as well as to make early detection simple.