US-based life sciences service company Azenta has introduced BioArc Ultra, the company’s automated solution for high-density, sustainable ultracold sample management.

The BioArc Ultra features an eco-friendly cooling system that uses natural air rather than manufactured, ozone-depleting refrigerants.

The system enables a zero-ozone depletion potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP), which are key to sustainability within life sciences industries and applications.

The advanced, eco-friendly, refrigeration technology also reduces electric power consumption by 70% with a similar reduction in storage system footprint, compared to other manual options.

Azenta automated storage solutions senior product manager Dean Montano said: “We are proud to launch the BioArc Ultra, a breakthrough solution that offers countless economic and environmental sustainability benefits to our customers across the sample management landscape.

“We have always maintained the belief that automation is the key to best-in-class sample management in terms of sample security, collection visibility, and efficient operations, and the Ultra takes our portfolio of offerings in this category to the next frontier.”

According to Azenta, BioArc Ultra is designed to provide enhanced performance for large-scale sample management, with the potential to change the landscape of biorepositories.

It delivers significant operational benefits, including footprint, labour and electricity cost savings compared to other commercially available systems, while lowering carbon emissions.

BioArc Ultra is the latest evolution stemming from its well-established automated ultracold system product range, said the life sciences service company.

In Aug 2022, Azenta signed a definitive agreement to acquire B Medical Systems and its subsidiaries for around €410m.

The transaction includes additional cash consideration of up to €50m contingent on the achievement of certain future performance milestones.

Based in Hosingen, Luxembourg, B Medical Systems provides temperature-controlled storage and transportation solutions globally to enable the delivery of life-saving treatments.

The acquisition would enhance Azenta’s cold chain capabilities by adding B Medical’s distinct solutions for the safe and traceable transportation of temperature-sensitive specimens.