Raydiance said that gold and platinum are utilised in medical devices, including heart rhythm leads, cardiovascular stents, and guide wires used for cardiovascular procedures, due to the radiopacity, resistance to corrosion, and high electrical conductivity. The metals are used as X-ray markers to better enable surgeons for device view during cardiovascular procedures.

Raydiance said that its ultrafast laser ablates through non-linear optical breakdown, a process that enables micron-resolution ablation of virtually any material without transferring heat to the part being machined.

Scott Davison, president of Raydiance, said: “Medical device manufacturers have a very difficult time machining precise features in these ductile noble metals. Traditional tools mechanical saws, electron discharge machining, and even nanosecond lasers introduce all kinds of burrs and thermal effects that necessitate costly post-processing. The Raydiance platform provides an efficient, athermal solution to this manufacturing problem.”