The company will supply ViBone, its proprietary bone repair product, to SurGenTec for marketing and distribution with its patented GraftGun universal graft delivery system.

“As we continue to grow our portfolio of proprietary orthopedic surgery products, innovative partnerships like this allow us to expand the reach of our product marketing and distribution in a very rapid and efficient way,” said Darryl Roberts, Ph.D., Executive Vice President and General Manager, Musculoskeletal Products. “

The GraftGun system is an optimal device to deliver ViBone, enabling a next generation viable bone graft to be easily delivered and used in challenging surgeries.”

This co-marketing agreement calls for Aziyo to provide its viable bone matrix product, ViBone, to SurGenTec for use with the GraftGun System. ViBone pre-filled cartridges will be marketed through the SurGenTec distribution network.

Travis Greenhalgh, founder and CEO of SurGenTec added, “Our Company is focused on creating intuitive solutions to improve the quality of life for patients. ViBone complements our GraftGun system by providing surgeons and patients with a bone matrix product that is as close as possible to the gold standard of autograft.

“This unique combination offering of ViBone and GraftGun pre-filled cartridges will significantly reduce time in the operating room.”

ViBone was launched in 2017 as a better option for bone repair procedures. The advanced science and proprietary product processing was designed for handling and clinical performance closer to that of autograft.

Similarly, SurGenTec’s patented GraftGun system was also launched in 2017 with a focus on improving delivery of intraoperative bone graft materials. Both products have been used in numerous orthopedic procedures and continue to see strong market adoption.

ViBone is a next generation viable bone matrix that was designed to perform and handle more like high quality autograft.

The proprietary manufacturing process was designed to optimally protect the tissue environment with less disruption. ViBone is based on science that brings bone grafting closer to meeting the surgeon and patient’s needs and provides a better option for bone repair.

Source: Company Press Release