Asensus Surgical has teamed up with advanced graphics processing units (GPUs) developer NVIDIA to advance the development of its Intelligent Surgical Unit (ISU) offering.

Under the collaboration, Asensus will leverage NVIDIA’s wide-ranging tools to enhance the clinical intelligence capabilities of its ISU.

The partnership will provide Asensus and NVIDIA with early access to the relevant product roadmaps and help adopt synergistic development.

The two companies will work together on advanced business models for the development, deployment, and commercialisation of digital surgical solutions.

NVIDIA healthcare business development director David Niewolny said: “NVIDIA brings a domain-specific full-stack edge AI computing platform, Holoscan, to medtech innovators looking to optimise real-time data and image processing to help solve complex problems and improve surgeon decision-making.

“As a leading FDA-cleared solution in soft-tissue abdominal surgery, Asensus’s ISU is a perfect platform to leverage NVIDIA’s software-defined architecture to accelerate innovation and deliver new products to surgeons faster via software-as-a-medical-device applications.”

Asensus Surgical is a US-based medical devices company focused on performance-guided surgery, to increase surgeon control and reduce surgical variability.

Its ISU was developed using NVIDIA accelerated computing technology and has been providing real-time augmented intelligent features to surgeons since 2021.

The intelligent features include digital tags, 3D measurement, and enhanced camera control.

Based on its Senhance Surgical System, the company is developing the LUNA Surgical System, a next-gen robotic and instrument system for digital surgery.

Asensus Surgical president and CEO Anthony Fernando said: “We’re thrilled to collaborate with NVIDIA to enhance the machine vision and image analytics capabilities of the ISU, as well as the processing speed and precision of its augmented intelligence capabilities.

“Utilising NVIDIA’s advanced technologies will allow us to further improve the ISU’s augmented intelligence capabilities and the roadmap of our innovative clinical applications.

“Through this collaboration, Asensus is furthering its vision to enhance clinical intelligence in surgery through the use of advanced augmented intelligence tools.”