EVARpro is a collaboration with Intelemage, developer of CTeXpress, and Vital Images, developer of 3D Recon.

Available exclusively to Medtronic customers, EVARpro includes CTeXpress and 3D Recon, which are integrated online, and StentGraftTracker.

Utilised during the planning of abdominal and thoracic stent graft procedures, CTeXpress allows for the remote transfer and storage of computed tomography (CT) images of aortic aneurysms between physicians and Medtronic field representatives for timely consultation and future reference.

With EVARpro, CTeXpress provides direct access to the 3D Recon software so that two-dimensional images can be easily converted into a three-dimensional (3D) image in one step via the integrated software online.

StentGraftTracker online application enables physicians to track follow-up visits for patients with Medtronic stent grafts, thereby spanning the endovascular treatment continuum.