The curved, small jaw, open sealer/divider provides an integrated cutting mechanism independent of sealing and offers surgeon with a low-temperature profile and minimal thermal spread to surrounding tissues.

LigaSure technology, powered by the ForceTriad energy platform, gives surgeons a continuous output of energy, monitoring the tissue and making adjustments 3,333 times/second to seal vessel walls, according to Covidien.

Covidien surgical solutions group president Bryan Hanson said the clearance recognizes the LigaSure small jaw instrument as an effective open surgical device and expands its use throughout the surgical community.

"We believe surgeons will see it as a valuable tool for ENT procedures," Hanson added.

"LigaSure technology has set the industry standard in vessel sealing since 1998. This technology has been used in millions of surgical procedures worldwide and is supported by an every growing body of evidence-based research."

In February 2011, FDA previously cleared the LigaSure small jaw instrument for use in general surgery while the new clearance, for the device’s use in head and neck procedures, will allow for additional uses such as thyroidectomies, parotidectomies and additional open ENT procedures.