Soft tissue repair company Aroa Biosurgery is stepping up to support clinicians and their patients who are battling to treat wounds amid disruption to many existing U.S. facilities for wound care due to COVID-19.

Aroa Vice President Commercial, Brad Adams says the company has opened an additional pathway for its clinicians and patients to maintain access to Endoform®, an extracellular matrix technology that is proven to help wounds heal faster.

“With temporary closures of some wound care centres we will do whatever it takes to ensure that patients have access to critical wound care and soft-tissue reconstruction technology. If wounds go untreated due to the current reprioritization in the healthcare system, patients are at risk, so we have teamed up with online medical supplies company Medical Monks to ensure access for both existing and new patients to Endoform®,” says Mr Adams.

The new channel provided through the Medical Monks online service integrates direct online sales, insurance coverage support and clinical support to customers. To assist patients, Aroa has also launched a new instructional application video on how to apply Endoform®.

“In this current climate, some patients have been unable to get access to extracellular matrix technology through healthcare providers and clinicians in the usual way. We want to ensure that patients who are being left to fend for themselves are supported at home,” Mr Adams says.

The complementary channel will be launched at one of the world’s largest wound care conferences this Thursday 2 April (U.S. time). WoundCon 2020, to be held entirely online, has attracted over 7,000 wound care professionals and practitioners. The Aroa team will be available at the online event to take questions from health professionals.

Mr Adams says the conference is an opportunity to thank wound care practitioners for their ongoing service to patients and for those in the industry to band together during a challenging period to share knowledge and insights at a time when patients are potentially at their most vulnerable.

“It is important that new technologies and medical innovations can continue to be shared across the healthcare community at this time so that the wound care supply chain can continue to help those in need. Clinicians and wound care professionals are doing everything possible in difficult circumstances. Aroa is proud to do our part to help housebound patients maintain their access to advanced wound care products,” says Mr Adams.

Source: Company Press Release