AEYE Health and Topcon Screen have entered into a partnership to offer diabetic retinopathy screening using the former’s artificial intelligence (AI)-based AEYE-DS technology and the latter’s TRC-NW400 non-mydriatic retinal camera.

Topcon Screen is a diabetic eye screening platform from Topcon Healthcare.

AEYE-DS is a diagnostic screening technology. It is said to have the quickest screening times and best-in-class efficacy as it only needs one image per eye and processes exams in less than five seconds.

TRC-NW400 is a completely automated and robotic retinal camera.

The partnership is intended to offer AI-based point-of-care screening for diabetic retinopathy to generate immediate and accurate results.

It will enable primary care clinicians to directly screen patients for diabetic retinopathy in their clinic.

AEYE Health, which is engaged in providing AI-based diagnostics for retinal imaging, said that the partnership will help minimise the risk of non-compliance and close care gaps.

Topcon Screen director Therese Nappier said: “We are pleased to partner with AEYE Health to allow our customers to get instant diagnostic results using its best-in-class artificial intelligence technology.

“The automation and ease-of-use of our TRC-NW400 non-mydriatic retinal camera combined with instant and accurate diagnosis provided by AEYE will make it easier for primary care providers to adopt point-of-care diabetic testing for diabetic retinopathy.

“Requiring only a single image per eye means that screening requires even less work and takes less time to perform, which is a critical factor for primary care providers.”

During the procedure, medical teams can obtain one image from each eye using TRC-NW400 retinal camera and diagnose the image promptly for diabetic retinopathy using AEYE-DS technology.

AEYE-DS was found to have 93% sensitivity and 91.4% specificity in a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clinical study.

The trial used one image per eye captured by the Topcon NW400 fundus camera for the identification of more-than-mild diabetic retinopathy.

AEYE Health co-founder and CEO Zack Dvey-Aharon said: “I am confident that joining forces with an industry leader like Topcon Screen will help accelerate the adoption of point-of-care diabetic eye exam and help providers close stubborn care gaps related to diabetic retinopathy screening.”