“As a independent provider and integrator of medical imaging solutions, we engage additional expertise from other industry leader providers as needed to develop and deliver solutions specific to our customers needs within any vendor environment,” said Frank Burkhardt, Director, US Operations, aycan Medical systems. For Rural Radiology, aycan combined its aycan store, a scalable, high performance archiving and distribution system with medQ’s Q/ris 3000 Reading Services Management System to deliver a solution that meets Rural Radiology’s need to consolidate and improve its medical imaging services. “Integrating multiple facilities into a single workflow process will improve our operational and clinical productivity and significantly reduce report turnaround,” said Dr. Hilton Bakker, Chief Radiologist, Rural Radiology of Bemidji. “With the aycan-medQ solution we’ll be able to provide reports much quicker to our referring physicians.”

The Q/ris 3000 easily accepts digital and film images and other information from multiple sources which can be accessed on or off-site through aycan store’s secure data center. The solution also includes aycan’s DICOM viewer, OsirX PRO, which allows customers to conduct reviews and post-processing of multimodality and multidimensional images with very fast image upload times.

“As part of our tailored integration and installation process, we reviewed Rural Radiology’s system to ensure it was optimized end-to-end,” said Burkhardt. Following installation, aycan provides live customer service and support. “aycan’s installation process was an absolute joy,” says Dr. Bakker. “It exceeded all my expectations.”