Accelus, a US-based medical technology company focused on expandable spinal implant technologies, has introduced the LineSider Modular-Cortical System for posterior fixation.

The LineSider system comes with a modular screw design that provides surgeons with enhanced procedural visualisation.

It allows the surgeons to place the screw shanks early in the procedure, followed by modular tulips and rods at the end.

Accelus said that the expansion of the LineSider Spinal System product portfolio will address the needs of surgeons who use a modular pedicle screw system.

The modular tulip heads feature a slim profile and low height to facilitate a mid-line approach.

The modularity of the system provides surgeons with versatility in their surgical approach, along with the ability to customise according to the patient’s specific anatomy and pathology.

Accelus president and CEO Kevin McGann said: “The LineSider Modular-Cortical System exemplifies our commitment to elevating the surgical experience and improving patient outcomes.

“The system not only enhances surgical visibility and flexibility but also maintains our previously set standard for reducing the number of LineSider trays required, helping to optimise O.R. setup and procedural workflow.”

Accelus will offer the LineSider Modular-Cortical System in open modular and cortical modular sets, with both sets designed to be compatible with existing LineSider instrumentation.

The open modular set is designed to feature dual-lead screw shanks and expands the implant offerings of the legacy LineSider open sets.

The cortical modular set facilitates an improved midline approach, offering dual-to-quad lead shanks for increased purchase in cortical bone.

Accelus provides the shanks in each system in cannulated and solid options.

The cortical modular set comes with a new midline lumbar retractor with retractor blades in 23mm and 46mm widths, further strengthening the system’s spinal surgery solutions.

In addition to in-situ assembly, the LineSider system can also be used in a pre-assembled way, giving surgeons the flexibility of a non-modular screw system as needed, said the company.

Spine Colorado orthopaedic spine surgeon Ryan Martyn said: “I highly recommend utilising the LineSider Modular-Cortical System to complement the FlareHawk expandable interbody fusion device.

“There are very tight tolerances in the machining, so there is no toggle between the shank and the driver when inserting the screw, and the modularity of the system allowed me to do my facetectomies much easier with no tulip in the way.”

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital attending orthopaedic spine surgeon Jay Shah said: “Incorporating the new LineSider Modular-Cortical System into my case workflow was easy due to the innovative and user-friendly design of the system.

“The purchase of the screw shanks coupled with the quality of the modular tulips makes this system one of the top runners in the industry.”