Life Spine, a medical device company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets products for the surgical treatment of spinal disorders, announced today the initial surgeries of the CENTERLINE Modular Thoracolumbar Spinal System.

In my practice, I prefer to employ a midline cortical trajectory for my PLIF procedures, because while offering increased biomechanical stability, the procedure typically also results in less tissue retraction and reduced trauma for my patients compared to traditional open PLIF procedures1,” said Dr. John Czerwein, Jr. of Providence, RI. “Additionally, the modularity of the new CENTERLINE system allows for direct visualization of anatomical structures during the decompression before attaching the low-profile tulip heads.”

“Innovation is at the core of Life Spine and we are constantly looking for ways to take our existing solutions to the next level,” said Mariusz Knap, Sr. Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Life Spine. “CENTERLINE Modular represents an advanced cortical/pedicle screw system that stands out with its versatility, reliability and strength. In combination with our PROLIFT® Expandable Spacer System, CALYPSO Midline Retractor System and OSTEO-LINE Graft Delivery Device we have furthered our efforts to provide surgeons worldwide with Micro Invasive solutions for their patients.”

The CENTERLINE Modular Thoracolumbar Spinal System features low-profile 4.75mm Cobalt Chrome rods designed to minimize impact to surrounding anatomy. The screw design offers a cortical cancellous thread geometry that can be utilized in both a traditional pedicular approach or cortical trajectory, depending on patient pathology. The system is currently available in a limited release with a full launch planned for early 2020.

Source: Company Press Release