Vexim announced that it has successfully recruited 120 patients and obtained positive clinical trial results for its SpineJack implant in pre-marketing studies.

Vexim initiated two clinical studies, including an international trial with 8 centers in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Turkey one year ago. Vexim plans to launch SpineJack implant in to market in coming weeks.

The SpineJack implant is found effective in providing controlled, morphological restoration of vertebral compression fractures in clinicals. All patients implanted with SpineJack experienced rapid pain relief and correction of post-trauma deformation.

Vexim received CE mark for its SpineJack in May 2008, but the company decided to commercialize it only after it clinically, scientifically validated in international clinical trials. Furthermore, the company has already scheduled the launch of several other clinical studies in 2009 and the years to come, in order to further deepen knowledge in this field and constantly improve the treatment options for patients suffering from vertebral compression fractures.

The goal of the company is to develop a more comprehensive concept for treating vertebral compression fractures with full anatomical restoration of the vertebra. This approach offers better overall treatment of the damage, since it seeks to correct all the various vertebral dimensions and the vertebral plate and thus leave the patient with a vertebra that is as similar as possible to the original configuration.