X-Pure® GelDAT is the world’s first purified Gelatin Desaminotyrosine.  X-Pure GelDAT hydrogels are ideal for research and preclinical development in regenerative medicine, drug release and complex wound dressings due to their ability to crosslink with tissues and their purity.

Why X-Pure GelDAT

X-Pure GelDAT has been developed to overcome the challenges researchers face when using gelatin tyramine (GelTYR). GelTYR production creates uncontrollable chemical side-reactions causing product loss, degradation and potential toxicological risks (1),(2). GelTYR is not suited to produce at scale in a controllable and consistent manner meaning synthesis and purification are almost impossible at industrial scale.

Key features of X-Pure GelDAT:


  • Biodegradable and biocompatible
  • Support cell maintenance and growth
  • Thermo-reversible gelling/melting until crosslinked

Phenolic modification:

  • Modification inspired by sea-mussel adhesion to wet surfaces
  • Can crosslink with tissue for increased adhesion performance
  • Two crosslinking cues: enzymatic reaction (horseradish peroxidase, tyrosinase or laccase) or photo-induction in the presence of a photo initiator
  • Two crosslinking cues allow combination with other modified biomaterials
  • Customizable molecular weights and degrees of modification allow tunable physical environments suitable for a variety of cell types
  • Thermostable at 37°C

At Rousselot, we aim for full functional equivalence between the Research Grade and GMP grade gelatin based biomaterials, thus removing you the need to fully re-validate pre-clinical research results prior to clinical trials.