X-Pure® is a range of premium-grade gelatins, with tunable functionalities in addition to high-purity ≤10EU/g. X-Pure gelatins are optimized for in-vivo or in-vitro research and clinical applications and produced under GMP conditions. They can be designed or customized to provide significant technical advantages for the development of biomedical applications.

The X-Pure range includes premium quality gelling and non-gelling (hydrolyzed) gelatins sourced from porcine skin (P) or bovine bone (B). Our gelatins and collagens mimic the extracellular matrix and are one of the most favorable biomaterials for tissue or stem cell bioengineering.

Key features of X-Pure gelatin

  • Gelling and non-gelling properties
  • Ultra-low endotoxin levels, suitable for sensitive applications
  • Supports cell viability and attachment
  • Supports cell growth and differentiation
  • Can be woven into a membrane
  • Full traceability, readily available documentation and validated viral safety