Competence in ultrasonic cleaning

Examples of cleaning applications where KKS has a long-lasting and successful track-record include: Cleaning units as well as the relative procedures for stainless cleaning of surfaces before coating; the cleaning of optical products, jewelry and the precision cleaning for medical implants and instruments; the cleaning of molds used in the polymer industry; and tooling used for pressure casting.

Services such as cleaning trials in our Medical Surface Center, process-validation and chemical analysis of contamination and surfaces are standard offerings which fulfill the offering to our customers.

Ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks USW and SPW

The ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks of the series USW and SPW are solid and reliable units for industrial cleaning. They are designed for a broad spectrum of usage and have a high and constant performance level. These units guarantee excellent and reproducible cleaning results and a high
degree of flexibility.

POLY – Ultrasonic tanks for industrial use

The ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing tanks of the “POLY” series are solid and reliable units for industrial cleaning. They stand out because of their broad range of applications – their “POLY-valence”, as well as their high and consistent power output.

The tanks are available in various models and combinations. There are units with oil-separators including an oil-skimmer, units with two working chambers for cleaning and rinsing, as well as rinsing units with integrated overflow and dosing valves.

NW – Ultrasonic tanks

The ultrasonic tanks of the NW series are designed for cleaning heavy and bulky parts. To achieve an optimal cleaning result, the ultrasonic power, as well as the placement of the ultrasonic transducers, is made according to the specific customer’s needs.

Cell-cleaning-unit – Compact multi-chamber cleaning unit

These two or three manual chamber cleaning units stand for simple and reproducible results in aqueous cleaning used directly at the manufacturing site. They are perfectly suited for intermediate cleaning, whenever you have the need to eliminate heavy contamination of your parts with cutting liquids. We offer these compact and modern ultrasonic cleaning units in different sizes and configurations. The standard three-chamber unit usually also has an integrated hot air dryer.

KTR and KTRO – Single chamber cleaning units

The compact single chamber cleaning units of the KTR type guarantee easy and reproducible aqueous precision cleaning. We offer this type of cleaning unit in two different models: The KTR type with rotating basket and the KTRO type with vertical oscillation.

All cleaning steps (ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, rinsing / spraying with DI-water and hot air drying) are performed in the same working chamber. It is an ideal solution when cleaning small parts with delicate and complicated structures.

GTR – Single chamber cleaning units

The compact single chamber cleaning units of the GTR type are designed for industrial aqueous precision cleaning of large parts and high volumes.

In relation to the size of the baskets which can be processed in these cleaning units they have very compact dimensions and save precious space. The cleaning units can be equipped with an automatic loading and unloading system and are ideal for industrial mass production. All process steps, cleaning, rinsing, DI-rinsing / spraying and hot air drying are performed in the single chamber where the fixed basket with parts can rotate or gently swing.

Modular cleaning lines

The combination into a line of different types of ultrasonic-cleaning, rinsing and drying tanks efficiently allows the realisation of complex procedural cleaning solutions. This concept combines high flexibility in a compact design. The modular construction is based on standard tank-sizes and can be combined according to specific needs. The tank sizes can also be customised if required.

Automatic linear units for high demands and big volumes

The design and construction of customer specific, automatic linear units for ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing and drying or other processes such as passivating, elctropolishing, etc. are core competencies of KKS.

These high-performing units are usually equipped with an industrial type of a numerical control which is designed for electronic batch recording (EBR), the possibility of integration in a local network (LAN) and fulfils the highest expectations and standards, such as the FDA regulations according to 21 CFR Part 820 and Part 11.