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Top Coats


Advantages of L-Series Hydak® Hydrophilic Coatings:

  • Lubricious: Exhibits an extremely low surface friction
  • Biocompatible: Made from hyaluronic acid, a natural biopolymer
  • Durable: Able to withstand the rigors of basic invasive procedures
  • Non-thrombogenic: resists adsorption of fibrin and platelet adhesion
  • Hydrophilic: Absorbs water to increase its lubricity
  • Thin: Less than 4 microns thick!

The Hydak® L-series hydrophilic coatings are based on an un-crosslinked form of Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This technology has applications among a gamut of fields including ophthalmology, urology, cardiology, endoscopy, and others. In particular, this coating is ideal for single-use devices that require extremely low coefficients of friction.

Customers that are developing devices used in quick procedures with low instances of surface-to-surface abrasion but a high need for a slippery surface should consider an un-crosslinked Hydak coating.


HydroSleek Coatings

Hydak® HydroSleek coatings are based on a high molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This technology has applications among a range of fields including ophthalmology, urology, cardiology, endoscopy, and others. While some coatings trade lubricity for durability gained through a higher degree of crosslinking, HydroSleek coatings have overcome that trade off.


These coatings are composed of two layers: a polyacrylate base coat and a proprietary hyaluronic acid top coat covalently bonded to the base coat. The combination can be applied to a multitude of different substrates (see Table). The total thickness of both layers can be as thin as 2 to 3 µm when dry, swelling to 10 µm when wet. The covalent bonding of the top coat to the base coat insures consistent quality and physical properties.

Unlike some other coating systems, Hydak® is applied via dipping, injecting, spraying, or wiping and is heat cured at temperatures up to 70°C. There is no photo curing equipment necessary. This produces several advantages:

  • Hydak® coatings are easily applied to lumens
  • UV exposure of the surface is not required
  • Heat-sensitive substrates are easily accommodated with lower curing temperatures
  • Heat curing allows for uniform coating properties through entire cross section
  • Equipment required for manufacture is an order of magnitude less expensive