Cutting Edge Information’s latest fair-market value report provides clear procedures for calculating fair-market value compensation. Thought Leader Fair-Market Value: Compensation Benchmarks and Procedures is backed by more than 85 top pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies’ and third-party providers’ data. Furthermore, the study’s analysis provides relevant case studies and best practices to guide any team that works with thought leaders and KOLs.

Thought leader management teams face many new challenges in today’s environment. Academic institutions have implemented new regulations limiting or, in some cases, forbidding their faculty’s relationships with drug manufacturers. Individual states continue to call for more transparency of the industry’s payments to physicians. And industry trade groups, such as PhRMA, and medical associations, such as the ACCME, have revised their guidelines to limit drug makers’ involvement in physician activities.

Thought leader management teams

These and other changes have left companies targeting a smaller pool of key opinion leaders. Calls for greater transparency have forever changed how pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies compensate thought leaders. With increased transparency, however, comes a new set of challenges. Given this trend, thought leader management teams now focus on their processes to determine fair-market value compensation, knowing that a documented process is as important as the actual fees paid to physicians.

Cutting Edge Information has emerged as a leader in providing fair-market value research. Thought Leader Fair-Market Value: Compensation Benchmarks and Procedures is the most comprehensive, high-quality syndicated collection of fair-market value benchmarks available today. The data in this report covers 17 different thought leader and medical professional categories, 19 therapeutic areas, as well as benchmarks for small, mid-size, large and medical device companies. Start improving your thought leader development processes now with this brand new study.

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