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Tempalux Polyetherimide (PEI) is an amorphous material that offers a combination of useful characteristics, including high dielectric strength, high strength at elevated temperatures (up to 180C for extended periods of time), high modulus, and broad chemical resistance. Tempalux PEI is inherently flame resistant with low smoke emission.

The material has good resistance to environmental stress cracking when exposed to a wide variety of chemicals. Characterized by a combination of outstanding thermal, mechanical, and electrical properties, Tempalux PEI has made its place in high performance applications like automotive, aerospace, semiconductor processing and medical device industries Tempalux PEI is a thermoplastic resin with amber transparency. It has good UV-light resistance and weatherability. Excellent creep resistance allows Tempalux PEI to replace metal and other materials in many structural applications. In addition, Tempalux PEI’s electrical properties show excellent stability under variable temperature, humidity, and frequency conditions. Westlake Plastics offers unfilled versions for Engineering and Life Science applications, along with glass fiber reinforced grades with improved tensile strength, stiffness, and improved dimensional stability.

Tempalux® Key Properties:

  • High Dielectric Strength
  • High Strength at Elevated Temperatures
  • High Modulus
  • Broad Chemical Resistance
  • Flame Resistance
  • Low Smoke Emission
  • Long Term Property Retention at Elevated Temperatures
  • Resistance to Stress Cracking
  • Chemical Resistance
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