Strategic Clinical Sourcing: Managing Costs and CROs aims to improve your company’s clinical outsourcing decision-making during every step of the process – from strategy setting to daily relationship management. Trial cost and timeline benchmarks – coupled with input from leading executives – will show trial teams how to efficiently and effectively manage outsourced trials.

Treatment of patient recruiting

Trials will run into obstacles – it’s a fact. But attention to detail when assessing clinical needs and anticipating problems goes a long way toward desired outcomes. The report examines the groups and individuals who set strategy, the breakdown of tasks outsourced to vendors and the treatment of patient recruiting, a recurring challenge for trial teams.

Outsourced trial activities

Clinical vendors’ expertise provides great opportunities for cost savings. Be confident in knowing that you are paying acceptable rates – benchmark against examples of trial budgets and unit hour costs for nine key roles. Also, data on peak-level headcounts for specific trial roles will help your company zero in on staffing needs.

CROs performance rankings

Clinical outcomes could ultimately bring lucrative results, so it’s important to choose a CRO wisely. Our study details a wide range of CRO traits and includes performance rankings of actual CROs. Beyond vendor selection, we reveal timeline data and strategies for improving the proposal review process.

CRO performance and conflict resolution

Effectively managing trial progress, vendor relationships and development costs requires attention to both qualitative and quantitative performance indicators. Using data benchmarks and best practices, this chapter explores common complications that hinder trials, and it provides preventative solutions. Key topics include contract negotiation, vendor compensation, CRO performance and conflict resolution.

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