It enables your workforce to become more self-managed while parallel approvals reduce lead time on projects. It supports multiple workflows and provides companies with a complete audit trail and a more responsive and efficient business process.

Stature assures the uniformity of your projects, providing a collaborative platform that integrates with your risk assessments. It simplifies the MOC process by clearly identifying all of the required steps and approvals and prompting each user through his/her tasks in the project. Stature ensures that decisions are supported by real-time information and that information is easily accessible from the operator up to the CEO.

Stature is configurable to your company’s unique processes and organizational structure and provides a standardised and centralised way to manage change and mitigate risk throughout your organization. Stature provides you with the dynamic ability to manage MOC projects end-to-end, resulting in a more responsive and efficient business process and empowering your employees to develop best practices and make effective decisions based on previous changes.