Stature is an enterprise software application that simplifies the task of event management and offers a standard corporate workflow, historical information and real-time updates about the status of your incident investigation. It supports multiple workflows and ensures completion of activities, providing companies with a complete audit trail and a more responsive and efficient business process.

Stature ensures that investigations are conducted consistently and comprehensively based on your company policies. With its integrated platform, your root cause analyses can be linked with your risk assessments and management of change processes, providing transparency, visibility and traceability that can immediately trigger the proper preventative measures be implemented.

Stature simplifies incident management by clearly identifying all of the required steps and approvals and prompting each user through his/her tasks in the project, while still remaining flexible to specific needs. Stature ensures that decisions are supported by real-time information and that information is easily accessible to all stakeholders, from legal and insurance to compliance and human resources. Stature is configurable to your company’s operating procedures and organisational structure and provides a standardised and centralised way to manage incidents, end-to-end.