Silicones have long been recognized as biocompatible and effective materials for a variety of wound and skin care applications, including:

  • Wound dressings and bandages
  • Medical and fashion tapes
  • Transdermal patches for cosmetic and active delivery
  • Scar management

Silbione® Skin Adhesives (SSAs) from Bluestar Silicones are two-part platinum catalyzed silicone gel elastomers, manufactured in a clean environment to ensure healthcare grade levels of purity and quality.
Available in a variety of tack properties and viscosities, Bluestar Silicones can help you achieve the desired performance for your targeted application.

Key properties silicones offer includes:

The specific nature of silicone gels enables gentle adhesion to dry skin. For wound management applications, this means gentle adhesion on peripheral skin only, without adhering to the moist wound. Silbione® Skin Adhesives maintain low peel force enabling easy removal.

Silbione® Skin Adhesives retain adhesion properties upon removal, so they may be repositioned for several applications. Silbione® Skin Adhesives may be washed and still retain outstanding tack properties when dried.

Silbione® Skin Adhesives are gas permeable, allowing the skin to breathe. Continuous growth of the newly formed tissue is assured thanks to their outstanding hydrophobic nature to the moist wound, thereby enabling the burgeoning process to take place. Silbione® Skin Adhesives are compatible and work well in conjunction with complementary wound technology such as hydrocolloids, hydrogels and PU foams to optimise the overall dressing performances.

For full product details, please download the Skin Care and Wound Management complimentary white paper.