The “more is better” methodology of selling is dead. The Wall Street Journal now predicts that the number of pharmaceutical sales reps in the US will drop to 70,000 by the year 2015. This is a tremendous change from the boom of the 1990s and early 2000s, when the total number of reps exceeded 100,000.

While some companies began adapting a few years ago, other companies now find themselves well behind. For those companies stuck in the past, reducing sales force mirroring, creating more personal relationships with targets, and uncovering new ways to reach physicians are the orders of the day. The companies that will excel will be those that innovate now and find new avenues for connecting with targets and that develop relationships where doctors actually call on reps for information.

Cutting Edge Information’s Reinventing Pharmaceutical Sales Forces analyses the current state of the pharmaceutical sales arena and reveals how innovative leaders are winning in a time when most companies find themselves in trouble.

The report makes its case with metrics and methodologies for preparing pharma sales forces to compete now and into the future. The report covers three main areas:

  • Incorporating eDetailing and closed loop marketing – Examines some of the newest ways sales forces are reaching physicians and meeting targets’ specific needs
  • New age field force tactics – Studies the “new look” field force, which values one-on-one relationships between doctor and rep, fewer reps per district manager, a more technologically equipped team and increased rep accountability
  • Structures, budgets and sales staff compensation – Analyses the sales force investment levels and resource allocations of today. The chapter also reveals compensation levels of newly hired, average and high-performing reps, district managers and regional managers

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