Pharmaceutical Speaker Programs provides innovative, actionable strategies and best practices that will make your speaker events more effective and generate better ROI. Our data benchmarks – developed from input from marketing executives, brand managers, speaker programs directors among others – will anchor your decisions. The report will help you build a clear and easy case to key stakeholders for speaker programs resource support.

State laws are changing at a dizzying pace. Restrictions are clamping down on speaker programs, threatening to eliminate them altogether. To fight against these challenges, you need the most current information available.

Measuring ROI

Learn companies’ methods to obtaining hard-to-measure ROI and communicate program success – to potential speakers, attendees, key stakeholders and outside agencies.

Companies underuse new technology that could attract attendees, resulting in tens of thousands of wasted dollars from outsourcing collateral development. Use our detailed metrics and rankings of new media – including webcasts and teleconferences – versus traditional events to find the most cost-effective ways to deliver your messages.

Recruiting and contracting top speakers

Benchmarks will tell you when, where, and what medium will attract the most attendees, provide educational value, and keep them engaged. Our study also shows companies’ proven strategies for recruiting and contracting top speakers.

State legislation and regulatory changes

Find an in-depth discussion on how state legislation and regulatory changes are affecting speaker programs. Executives discuss and project the future of speaker programs.

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