From performing surgical procedures to medication and supply management, the perioperative areas are arguably the most complex and costly environments within a hospital. CareFusion helps you optimise and reduce costs in these areas by providing the technologies, tools and actionable intelligence needed for surgical, SPD, materials, pharmacy, anesthesia and nursing teams to work together and improve outcomes.

Pre-operative, intra-operative and post-operative solutions

• Screening, diagnostics and monitoring
• Medication management, verification and delivery
• Supply management, technologies and tools
• Actionable intelligence, connectivity and electronic documentation

By providing hospitals with comprehensive solutions that link and manage core perioperative functions, CareFusion helps:

Improve patient care

• Reduce medication errors
• Identify and prevent infection risk
• Enhance surgeon technique

Streamline workflow

• Simplify regulatory compliance
• Manage supplies, medications and instruments
• Improve preference card and case pick management
• Reduce manual documentation error
• Integrate with existing clinical information systems

Reduce cost

• Increase charge capture
• Improve billing accuracy
• Efficient inventory management
• Prevent diversion

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