New connector forms are rapidly designed using proven connector and materials as a reference to modify shape, size and function. Tailored connectors will often solve new instrument needs and secure high reliability performance based on proven materials and processes from our established standards.

Omnetics is a world leader in miniature connector solid-model design partnering with customers to provide perfect-fit cable and connectors for advanced applications. Using 24-hour 3D material added processes designers can conceive, model and build test devices quickly to meet their needs.

Omnetics has a direct Three-Step-Process. Our application-specific connectors will meet customers’ needs and be available on-time!

  1. Designers can view miniature connectors with proven performance on our website or discuss with our sales team. If one looks close, ask for a sample or discuss variations on email or the phone.


  1. Connect with an Omnetics connector designer for on-line collaboration making a new solid model of exactly what is needed. This should take less little as 2 days.


  1. When you like the solid models, ask for a 3D sample made using automated material added process. This should take less than 24 hours.


The new 3D model is shipped to the customer to fit it into his new application for final approval or/and re-define some specific change needed.