Confort is the priority in Healthcare applications. Silbione® LSRs, RTVs, Gels and Foams deliver
outstanding performances to enable the production of confort care devices. The cushioning effects, form definition and life-like feel of Silbione® silicones, make them ideal materials for prosthetic devices such as liners, artificial limbs and pressure relief cushions.

Bluestar Silicones offers a full of range of Silbione® soft silicone technologies that combine:

  • Confort with high mechanical properties for producing a variety of devices for the prosthetic market
  • Confort and versatility of performances
  • Exceptional freedom of movement for liners
  • «Real» feel parts
  • Light weight, outstanding feel

Silbione® RT gels for breastcare and pressure applications

The range is composed of addition cure gels that have been designed in order to meet the specific requirements of this application such as penetration, viscoelasticity and low viscosity. In addition, we offer light weight gels that are 25% to 40% lighter than standard gels.

Low viscosity Silbione® RT Gel 4220 offers excellent damping to provide even distribution of pressure, providing greater confort in a prosthetic device. When encased in a Silbione® RTV, new light-weight open-cell silicone foam, Silbione® RT Foam 3240, creates a comfortable cushioning effect.

Silbione® Soft RTV for foot care applications

For foot care applications, Bluestar has developped a full range of products. Silbione® RTVs offer an outstanding balance between low viscosity and high mechanical properties, as well as an excellent
compromise between damping and rebound.

Silbione® products for prosthetic liners and life-like prosthetic skin

For prosthetic liners, Silbione® soft RTV, HCR and LSR technologies offer exceptional confort and high elongation to allow comfortable freedom of movement. Our products present an excellent balance of mechanical properties (low hardness / elongation greater than 800 %) and a good thermal comfort.

For life like parts Silbione® Silicone RTV and LSR range enable manufactures to achieve high quality parts in just a fraction of the time of traditional molding material.

For full product details, please download the Orthotics, Prosthetics and Comfort Care complimentary white paper.