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When apply a steel strip spring to your new product design, there are lots of factors that design engineers have to consider. These factors not only include part function and mechanism design, but also parts connection mounting methods and dimensions in detail. All is about manufacturability. Not mention choosing a well-collaborated supplier.

Based on 60 years manufacturing experience of steel strip spring, Ming Tai Industrial Co. builds up spring online shop. Our online shop offers you completed specifications of power springs and constant force spring to meet your variety needs. Just 3 steps you can build your RFQ that make you save time for developing a new product and quick mold up your prototype, easy to complete your innovation design.

In general, Ming Tai online store offers you lots of benefits, including

  • 1. Completed specification for your option.
  • 2. Saving time for product developing
  • 3. Quick mold up your prototype and DIY work.
  • 4. Without manufacturability limiting factor.
  • 5. No quantity limited, one piece will be delivered also.
  • 6. Having best support and service to fulfill your needs.

For your convenience, PAYPAL is also available for your purchasing.

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