As Medical Science Liaisons’ strategic role becomes increasingly multifaceted, the ability to measure and communicate MSLs’ value has never been more important. This study is an all-in-one benchmarking tool: in unprecedented detail, five chapters spell out key MSL activities, thought leader development, performance metrics and more. Developed with data from 50 Life Sciences companies, the report will enable you to prioritise MSL objectives and bolster team performance.

MSL effectiveness

MSLs have recently emerged as organisational “go-to” personnel, but many stakeholders are confused about the MSL role and its priorities – a fact that dilutes MSL effectiveness. Improve coordination with internal and external clients using detailed breakdowns of MSL activities in the office and the field.

Thought leader relationships

While the new MSL model encourages expanded internal relationships, thought leader interactions remain an MSL focus point – and an ongoing challenge. Develop a clear relationship-building strategy with metrics that aid in physician targeting and best practices for building strong connections.

MSL Performance

Program leaders continually assess team and individual efforts to drive improvement and establish MSL value. Explore performance metrics that gauge MSLs’ internal and external value, and design a comprehensive measurement program that incorporates hard and soft metrics.

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