Our Design Engineering Team harnesses years of experience in the development of new medical product designs, materials and engineering solutions and utilises the very latest in 3D design software.

Our expertise lies in our ability to understand plastic materials, geometries and manufacturing technologies to identify the safest, fastest and most economical direction and processes to realise your products.

Concept and Design

Our design specialists can translate your product ideas or market concepts into truly manufacturable devices. In detailed product planning meetings they will help you visualise your ideas and can set out clear and structured delivery plans from concept to product launch. We’ll consider, and advise you, on every part of this journey, so you feel confident that we can deliver for you the most efficient and competitive product and route to market.

Tool design

Our engineers have the expertise to design your production tools to deliver optimum parts for the life of your product. We also offer you the opportunity to utilize prototype tools to aid product launch. Our customers find this particularly cost effective when the product is in its early stage and may require iterative changes before committing to full production tooling.

Tool Making

Our knowledge of plastic materials and moulding and extrusion processes provides you with the perfect tools at the right price for your project. We use the highest grades of stainless steel to guarantee tool life for your production moulds, as well as partnering with some of the UK’s premier precision toolmaking companies.