The N Series system is composed of two elements: modules and frames. Modules of various styles and contact types, including signal and coaxial, can be combined into custom arrangements within a single connector frame. This allows the user to build a connector that addresses and fulfills their exact requirements with off-the-shelf components. Ideal for rugged and rack and panel applications, the N Series connectors utilize the unparalleled performance of Hypertac® hyperboloid contact technology to provide high cycle life, low insertion/extraction forces and immunity to shock and vibration. This ensures both smooth and easy mating and maximum performance in connectors with large quantities of contacts. The contacts are mounted in small plastic blocks and are removable for easy assembly and repair. The frames which hold the modules in position range from basic, only consisting of two side rails and end caps, to more complex, including Jackscrews, hoods and cable clamps. To conform to almost any combination of modules, all frames are available in numerous lengths. With the N Series, specially designed connectors can be purchased quickly and inexpensively, eliminating the extra cost and delay of custom tooling.