Ming Tai Industrial Co., one of leading manufacturers of steel strip springs, develops wide variety of high precision constant force springs for carbon brushes application. It ensures the carbon brush works consistently by dependably exerting constant pressure to increase brush life and to reduce electrical wear. Carbon brushes can also be used for earth return current units to divert static and induced electric currents in a motor shaft away from the bearings, and to protect them from pitting and damage.

Optimized Solution of Constant Force Spring for Carbon Brush

Constant force spring keeps carbon brush to rub against the outside wall of a rotating slip ring. While the metal slip ring rotates, the electrical current or signal is conducted through the carbon brush toward the metal slip ring to make the connection. Typical applications include electric motors, alternators and electric generators.

Ming Tai offers a number of different constant force springs for carbon brush application. It can be classified in two types, the Single Coil Type and the Twin Coil Type. Furthermore,  Ming Tai also offers clip assembly with variety mounted clips for different occasion need.

Ming Tai strongly suggest you contact us for more detail information in the design phase. Even it is just a simple idea; Ming-Tai will develop optimized solution of springs to fulfill your product innovation.