Accumold focuses on being the world leaders in Micro-Mold Manufacturing Solutions.  Our core capabilities is on micro in size, micro in tolerance, or micro features on parts under 5” in diameter.  (127 mm)  We have two platforms which are our Micro-Mold platform for parts from about 0.5: (13mm) and smaller.  Small Mold platform for parts up to about 5” in diameter.

Accumold has the following capabilities:

  1. Lead Frame and Insert/Over-Molded parts.
  2. Micro Fluidics
  3. 2-Shot Micro-Molding
  4. Micro Optics
  5. Needle Bending
  6. Micro Silicone Over Molding and Micro Silicone Parts.
  7. Custom Automation & Packaging
  8. 9 Clean Rooms (Class 7 and Class 8)
  9. High Volume Manufacturing
  10. Secondary-Operations and Light Assembly Work