As a full service provider of outsourced design and manufacturing services, we can engage anywhere along the development and/or manufacturing process to assist our customers


Design and development

  • Efficient design & development
  • Services from concept through
  • The pilot phase and clinical trials.


In-house tooling

  • In-house tool design
  • In-house tool manufacturing


  • Precision injection moulding
  • Two material moulding
  • Silicon / liquid injection moulding
  • Insert/over moulding
  • Blow moulding
  • Stretch blow moulding


  • Radio frequency welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Thermal contact welding


  • Manual assembly
  • Semi auto assembly
  • Automated assembly


  • Managed service: Gamma
  • Managed service: EtO
  • Managed service: E-Beam

For more information, please see Medisze’s website.