The choice to manufacture a custom product involves risk that can only be mitigated by choosing the right partner.

At Halkey-Roberts, we always first try to find an off-the-shelf solution, but we know the trade-offs. Our experience has taught us when and how to move to a custom solution. Custom products now account for approximately 20% of our business. Work that crosses all product lines and markets.

Perhaps the most telling reason to collaborate with us when considering a custom solution: Our custom work tends to be repeat business.

The process to design and build a custom product with Halkey-Roberts starts with an assessment of your application and design requirements. Once we know we have the manufacturing capability, we will move to a more detailed review. This involves a thorough information exchange regarding timing and costs. The resulting agreement covering design, development, and production ensures a final product solution delivered in a highly cost-effective manner for both parties.

The cost of custom development is driven by multiple factors. To best manage them, it helps that we are flexible. We start with a broad array of proven products and can offer mass customization, i.e. small tweaks to off-the-shelf items.

When fully custom, we are able to work at small volume levels so you can better manage your commitment. We incorporate our manufacturing technology into your product development to provide the best solution and a cost-effective one for both partners.

The ability to provide mass customization to our customers is our secret weapon. We combine your idea with our in-depth product knowledge and expertise in flexible automation to provide a custom product at a low unit production cost. This helps our customers differentiate their end products and provide their clients with truly custom solutions. For many, mass customization is simply not possible.  For Halkey-Roberts, we do it day in, day out.