NuSil biocompatible lubricious silicones are used to reduce friction between components in medical devices. We formulate silicone lubricants that are ideal for a variety of assembly needs:

  • Fluids/oils: Available for single and repeated use, NuSil silicone lubricant fluids and oils are offered in a range of standard viscosities as well as options suitable for various substrates.
  • Greases: From providing a clean seal between parts under vacuum to offering long-lasting lubrication, our silicone greases provide thixotropic formulations that exhibit little or no migration.
  • Dispersions: Lubricants can be blended with a carrier solvent to lower viscosity for ease of application, creating a thin, more uniform layer of lubrication.
  • Self-lubricating elastomers: These silicones reduce the number of processing steps to accomplish lubrication of a molded device or component in medical applications. The lubricity is built into the silicone elastomer system and elutes out over time, yielding a lubricious surface on the molded component.
  • Low CoF coatings: Our “dry,” curable coatings offer a durable, non-migrating solution to significantly reduce surface tack, blocking and particulate accumulation.


Silicone fluids can be used to lubricate catheters, valves, or moving parts within a device. In addition, NuSil high-purity silicone fluids have been used for ophthalmic applications such as retinal tamponades.

Key properties and considerations

‒ Multiple product options for lubrication: fluids/oils, low CoF coatings, self-lubricating elastomers

‒ Fluids available in a range of viscosities and can be diluted with solvent for application in thin layers

‒ Chemistry options allow versatility for a variety of substrates