InfiNiTiCoat™ was developed by Precision Coating to optimize design, manufacture, assembly, and clinical performance of a rapidly growing class of medical devices used in interventional medicine. Nitinol is a desirable material for many interventional product platforms and is the preferred material for wires used in neurovascular, peripheral vascular, structural heart, urologic, endoscopic, and orthodontic devices, and procedures based on its super-elastic and shape memory properties.

InfiNiTiCoat™ is a proprietary low-temp cure process, optimized for coating performance on nitinol devices. It is specifically optimized to preserve the desired characteristics of nitinol in wire, strip, and tube forms. PCCI has unique process control over challenging nitinol handling, coating, and curing.

Nitinol is used extensively in interventional medical platforms and is the preferred material for delivery systems used in complex vascular and non-vascular procedures because of its shape memory and super-elastic properties. When medical devices such as guidewires, PTCA pushers, vena cava filters, self-expanding stents, and valve replacement delivery systems require a combination of assembled components—such as stainless steel and nitinol coils, tubes, and cores—PCCI can optimize the appropriate coating for each component of the assembly to optimize design considerations and mechanical and clinical performance.

Specialty medical devices commonly coated, include, but are not limited to:

PTCA Catheter Pushers • Guidewires • Retrieval Baskets • Graft Support Systems • Anchoring Devices Vena Cava Filters • Biopsy Forceps • Cannulated Needles • Surgical Trocars and Graspers Dental Arch Wires