Typical areas of application are almost everywhere. Lasers from ROFIN are applied in automotive engineering, aircraft construction and shipbuilding, in electronic engineering and in the technology for semiconductor production, in the fields of textile industry, packaging or plastics technology, and as well in medical engineering, in jewelry and dental laboratories.

StarCut Tube

StarCut Tube is a high-precision laser cutting system for fully-automated cutting of medical implants like stents and other components made of tubes which require extreme accuracy. State of the art motion systems based on linear motor technology, direct driven rotary axes and sophisticated laser control electronics provide for e.g. cutting 8mm long coronary stents in less than a minute. The system can be fitted with various laser sources. These lasers provide cut widths smaller than 15 microns.

StarCut Tube 2+2

StarCut Tube 2+2 system cuts diameters ranging from 0.3mm to 7mm and a length of max. 260mm out of thin-walled tubes and high-precision components like stents or implants of any geometry. Retooling from tube to surface processing is very easy. Moreover, additional CNC controlled z and y axes allow off-axis laser cuts providing telecentric cuts with parallel cutting edges in tubes.

StarCut Tube Femto

The StarCut Tube Femto integrates a completely innovative, compact femtosecond laser source with field-proven high reliability and long-term stability. The StarCut Tube Femto mechanics were adapted to the specific requirements for handling thin-walled, mechanically fragile semi-finished products.


The original – Performance began the era of innovative manual welding laser systems: launched in 1992 by ROFIN / Baasel Lasertech, today in the 6th generation it is in operation all over the world with many thousands of systems installed. The laser design has consequently been optimised for ease of use and handling. Performance allows you to realise your first manual laser welds in a very short time.


Select defines a new class of manual welding lasers. A fully integrated system: ergonomically optimised manual welding laser, joystick controlled deposit welding or precise CNC system – an integrated innovative user concept. Four precision axes, short set-up times, easy CNC programming. As much automation as you want, with minimal programming required. A multi-functional joystick and large colour touch-screen are enough for simple and intuitive parameter setting.


The EasyMark series with a footprint of only 60cm x 60cm is the most compact complete marking solution on the market. Perfect markings can be applied on metal and plastic surfaces in almost no time at all. The laser needs a common power supply and does not require external cooling. The Visual LaserMarker software allows the design and transfer of marking parameters like standard markings, consecutive numbering, logos etc from the PC.


Cube is the efficient solution for manual to semi-automated manufacturing. The all-purpose housing concept which can be fitted with a wide range of ROFIN laser sources designed for most different laser applications. The integrated laser control drives the galvo head control and motor-driven axes. Small and fast moving side doors allow fast workpiece loading and unloading. Cube is operated via a central touch screen which can be freely positioned.

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