The HYPER RAPID™ 25 and 50 are for industrial applications which require even higher throughput and higher ablation rates (up to 60mm³/min). Just as the SUPER RAPID™ the HYPER RAPID™ 25 and 50 lasers are also amplified versions of the RAPID™ base model, but with an additional amplification stage. For these models LUMERA LASER uses a proprietary 888nm pump technology allowing average power of up to 25W and 50W, respectively. Analogous to the RAPID™ and SUPER RAPID™, the HYPER RAPID™ is offered with frequency conversion options that can yield >25W at 532nm and >16W at 355nm.

Optionally, an external Electro Optic Modulator can be integrated to guarantee the same energy for all pulses (first pulse suppression). In order to prolong the lifetime of the frequency conversion crystals, LUMERA recommends the use of a zero-air generator. Add on modules are connected to the laser head with precision pins and screw. These modules are removable and need no alignment. All RAPID™ series lasers have very versatile trigger capabilities (internal, external pulse on demand, burst; gate functions) for improved system integration. They can be operated in burst mode (several ps-pulses in 20ns-separation) which has shown to yield higher ablation rates, reduced bottom roughness and better edge quality. Additionally, independent wavelength specific AOM modules are available for the external selection of identical pulses. This allows the selection of a pulse from an internally triggered pulse train. Such AOMs are also suitable for fast pulse attenuation and control of pulse energy from pulse to pulse.

The total cost of ownership (TCO) of the ps-lasers of the RAPID™ series is only between €8 and €12 per hour (depending on model) in 24/7 industrial operation. This TCO calculation even includes the lost interest of the capital invested, power consumption, and maintenance cost.