The GX is a closed loop, electro-pneumatic pressure control regulator specifically designed to regulate and precisely control the pressure of gaseous media proportionally to an electronic control signal for high pressure applications. The unit contains two valves, electronic controls, and an internal pressure sensor encased in a cylindrical protective aluminum canister. The GX’s operational pressure range is from vacuum to 1,000 psig. Closed-loop feedback is standard and is delivered to the controller via analog signal. The feedback is then constantly compared to the input signal and valves adjust automatically to maintain proper pressure. For applications that require flow rates over 26 SCFM, the GX can also be paired with an external volume booster. With the addition of an external pressure transducer, the volume booster assembly can achieve a similar accuracy to the GX alone, but with a much higher flow capacity.

Application Examples

High pressure catheter blow molding: A GX regulator unit is perfect for sensitive applications like medical high pressure blow molding. The GX allows precision control of the pressure of nitrogen entering a mold to cast a catheter. Like many medical device manufacturing procedures, angioplasty balloon catheters require high pressure, and extreme accuracy and repeatability.

Catheter burst testing: A GX high pressure regulator can be used to control the pressure in a catheter burst test. Nitrogen is sent through the GX and the pressure is slowly stepped up to different levels over a period of time until the catheter bursts. Pressure data is provided to the controller via the GX’s analog monitor feedback signal. The data is analyzed to ensure the catheters meet quality control standards.