The GlideLine™ family of medical device coating finishes is the broadest offering of applied fluoropolymer (PTFE) coatings in the industry, customized to optimize the design, quality, and performance characteristics of your high-quality medical products.

Process Capability and Control

As a high-volume coating applicator, Precision Coating ensures repeatability and reliability over the process in the following ways:

  • Design of experiments (DOEs) are typically run to determine critical process input variables and optimize settings to meet desired process outputs.
  • Critical process input variables (CPIV)—such as coating viscosity, flow rate, atomization, spray speed, and distance—are fixed and loaded by bar code scanning on process sheets.
  • Our automated robotic coating systems are capable of PLC controlling all critical process input variables, and are capable of reliably depositing coatings with a USL of 0.0003”, achieving a Ppk over 2.00.
  • Precision Coating’s exceptional process controls provide consistent results for critical product attributes, such as coating deposition, surface morphology, adhesion, wear, and durability.

GlideLine™ coatings improve health outcomes through advanced and enhanced functionality and performance across a range of medical procedures, including, but not limited to:

Structural Heart • Cardiovascular • Cardiac Rhythm Management • Neurovascular • Neuromodulation • Peripheral Vascular • Urology • Electrosurgery • Endoscopy • Drug Delivery • Diagnostics

Specialty medical devices commonly coated include, but are not limited to:

Guidewires • Hypotubes • Core Wires • Coils • Pull Wires • Stylets • Mandrels Electrosurgical Blades, Jaws, and End Effectors • Needles • Diagnostic Probes • Clinical Instruments